Being a non-profit with a small staff, managing the financial part of our business is difficult while trying to focus on our services and providing care to child victims and their families. Our services to child victims are our priority and need all of our efforts. But, budgets, taxes and filing financial information is critical to any business. Many times, I felt like I was not doing financial related task correctly and not in the timely manner that they are often required which created a large amount of stress. On occasion, this also created penalties for our business when payroll or quarterly taxes were computed incorrectly or not correctly filed. Several years ago, our board decided to reduce the stress this caused on our staff (me) and hire Blair Diaz, CPA to take on these responsibilities. It was one of the best decision we have ever made as a business and we have become an even better, more financially responsible and knowledgeable non-profit since Blair's services started. Having Blair and her staff assume the financial responsibilities for our organization gives both our staff and board of directors a sense of security that we are handling our financial endeavors and required filings both accurately and within the required time frame, as well as, our board has the security of Blair's expert understanding of how we spend, record and report our revenue and expenses. As a small non-profit, Blair's services, expertise and professionalism are a critical piece to our success. One of our board members always asks, "can we afford to do this - or afford NOT to do this?"  We can not afford to NOT use Blair's CPA services. 

Heather J. Hayes, MS, CFNP, SANE-P
Executive Director, Edmondson-Telford Center for Children

One of my first memories of Blair was when she invited me to join John Gram in a meeting with the Forsyth Arts Council.  She was suggesting that the nonprofit drop its 501c3 tax exempt designation and become a component fund of the North Georgia Community Foundation.  This great idea resulted in the sale of a building, establishment of a fund at NGCF and over the years numerous grants to worthy arts programs in Forsyth County.  While Blair's idea took root, she recommended that they use a consultant to help develop their grants program.  This produced a great base and is one of NGCF’s best funds.  

Blair also helped establish the “NGCF Lunch and Learn” series for regional nonprofits.  These sessions provide the nonprofit with very timely training on current topics.  Hundreds of nonprofit board members, executives and staff have attended.  Not only did Blair helped to create this learning experience,  she also found time to teach some of the sessions.  Blair’s talents and skills make her an excellent choice for a CPA.  Her willingness to find workable solutions is one of the reasons that she was asked to return for a rare third term on the board of the North Georgia Community Foundation.

James Mathis, Jr.
North Georgia Community Foundation

In thinking about Blair Diaz, CPA, we have to share, you know when you walk in to a business you get a feeling, this is where we should be?  Well, that is how we feel when we walked into Blair Diaz, CPA’s Company for the first time.  The staff is not only friendly they are very knowledgeable and willing to help you anyway they can.  Blair is extremely competent and always looking for ways to help us be on point with our ledgers.  She also meets privately with me and works with me to save the most in taxes.  We have been with Blair Diaz, CPA for 4 years and are very pleased.  Everyone who works there returns phone calls and/or emails in a timely manner.  We are a small business, Watkins Total Healthcare LLC and Blair Diaz, CPA is exactly “what the doctor ordered!”  We would highly recommend Blair and her staff, Tyler and Amie. The costs are reasonable and we have been totally satisfied from day one.

Dr. Mary Watkins
Owner, Watkins Total Healthcare